When I was 10 years old people flew airplanes, full of passengers, into two skyscrapers and a field; killing thousands.

When I was 21 a man went into an elementary school and killed young children and teachers.

When I was 4 years old a man blew up the entire front of a building in Oklahoma City with a car bomb killing over 150+ people, including children.

When I was 23 two men killed people at the running of the Boston Marathon with a pressure cooker bomb.

Nearly 50 years before I was born a man led an entire movement that systematically targeted and killed over 6 million Jews and cost the lives of millions more in war.

Every day people are kidnapped and forced into sex trafficking.

Every day innocent people are killed in the name of war/religion/money/power


How anyone can ever utter the words, “what kind of person could ever do this?”, “I can’t believe the world can be so cruel,” or any other type of statement that completely disregards the tragedies of the past and present; is beyond me. I think by now we can stop being surprised that humans are capable of being terrible and come to terms that there is NO limit to which a human will go to cause harm.

Showing sympathy, empathy, and sadness for the lives lost does not require a disbelief in the act itself. I would argue it is in a way disrespectful to all those who have died of terrorist activities. It tells me that a person has forgotten about the lives lost. The most popular phrase post-9/11 was, “Never Forget,” and here we are almost every tragedy since, “I can’t believe ‘x’,” “who could ever do that?”. You know exactly who could and would do that because you have seen that kind of monster before and you know about the lives that they took from us. Don’t forget them. Live in reality.


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