Doing What You Can

A vegan on a social media account once posted a quote that said something along the lines of:

“I would become a vegan but I just can’t give up hamburgers.”

-“That’s fine. Then go vegan except for hamburgers.”

Now, I am a staunch meat eater and I do not ever plan to go vegan. Ever. However, that quote has stuck with me for years since reading it and one day I realized it is really another way of saying, “do what you can.”

If you care about the environment (me) but drive a large gas guzzling truck (also me) and don’t have the money to buy a more efficient vehicle or perhaps you just want to keep it for sentimental reasons (me again); that’s fine. Drive your high carbon-emitting truck and find other ways to be environmentally conscious until you can afford a more efficient vehicle.

Every time someone comes to me with a dilemma that they have that revolves around a change that they cannot 100% jump into the vegan quote always comes to my mind and I rehash it to those people with their issue filled into the blanks. Want to learn a language but don’t have hours a day to practice? Fine. Then practice for the time you do have.

I will leave with my favorite quote about “doing what you can” from a man I admire exponentially, Theodore Roosevelt.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


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