Celebrity Culture

The way we treat celebrities makes no sense. Because they entertain us we believe we deserve full access to their lives. There is an entire industry devoted to breaking the rule we’ve been taught our entire lives; mind your own business. Which allows this to happen.grace

We value their opinion more on political issues. Why? How does an actor transcend politically to us more than our neighbor?

And then we tell them not to have a political opinion at all because they make more money than us and are privileged. Meaning, if you make good money and are a public figure you apparently are not a citizen of your own country. (See: Kaepernick)

They are people. They owe us nothing more than what they want to give us. Their obligation to us ends at the movie, song, or event that we paid to see them in. The same way a plumbers obligation to us is to make sure our shit properly gets carried away; we don’t get to follow them home and see what they are wearing tomorrow. They are people. Which means they are entitled to a political opinion but, depending on the issue, that does not mean their opinion is worth more than that of our neighbor just because we like the movies they acted in or the songs they sing.


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