Voting: The Most American Thing You Can Do

Today we celebrate our Independence Day. A day that we get to celebrate because of the sacrifice millions of people have made in giving their their time, their efforts, and their lives to preserve and push forward this great country. It’s a day that reminds us of the great power we have as a democracy and as choosers of our leaders. But still, there are those who do not participate. They do not answer the call of their civic duty.

To those people I tell you this. You do not deserve this country, it’s freedoms, and it’s privileges. People have given their lives for you to have the ability to choose your leaders and you can’t even muster up the energy to go stand in line and mark a piece of paper? To follow NPR on your drive home or watch a debate now-and-again. It’s like your parents giving you a car, a car you tell everyone you love having, and all you have to do is keep up the maintenance and you can’t even do that.

Except this isn’t some car, it’s not some house, it’s no material item that you may tire of one day. It’s a way of life. Yes, the freedom to vote also means the freedom not to vote. But that’s bullshit. And if you say “I’m not voting because of the candidates we have,” I say this. Voting starts way before we choose between two people for President and it continues long after. The president is but one piece in a carefully crafted democracy that the majority of us have decided to ignore and hope that it all works out. Well, look at our candidates now.

The fireworks, the barbecues, the sacrifice that men and women, likely your family members; have given for this country; all of it means nothing if you sit idly by and let the course of this country be determined by the overly-passionate “left and rights.”

Does our politics feel like a mess right now? Sure. But a mess doesn’t clean itself and if you let others clean it for you they will throw all your stuff away.

Happy Independence Day everyone. Remember the gift that we have and remember to act when you are called upon.


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